How to travel across Spanish Bullfighting history for dummies Bullfighting in Spain is a national sport that started in the rural community squares of Spain, then ending up being authorities with the development of the bullring during the late eighteenth century in Ronda. After that, it started to go behind a particular succession of events, took part by banderilleros, picadors, and obviously the matador and the bull. It has turned into one of the most-excellent, in addition to a lot of contentious Spanish famous traditions. This bullfighting in Spain belongs to a feast that can not exist without among the primary participants, the Toro Bravo, which is a bull of ancient race only maintained in Spain. Bullfights or Corridas de Toros begins with all the participants of the bullfight enters the bullring and provides themselves to viewers and the President, this part of the bullfighting sequence is called the Paseillo.